RTO Euroclean

Leader in systems for air treatment and energy recovery

RTO Euroclean

French leader in the manufacturing of regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO) and energy recovery processes. 

We offer custom solutions

For Whom? Why ?

You are an industrial company and you have to treat your polluting gaseous effluents (VOC, NOx, CH4, solvents, organic compounds…)

1. Following a request from the DREAL, you carried out some measures and exceed the applicable standards: RTO Euroclean proposes you a full range of incinerators to respond to your needs and analyse your emissions.

2. You are equipped with a RTO but you do not recover energy: RTO Euroclean offers you its new energy recovery system which will enable you to reduce by half in average your annual gas consumption.

3. You have some polluting gaseous effluents, but you have never made a diagnosis (volume, temperature, concentration):  RTO Euroclean can do a site visit in order to carry out the study of your emissions.